Fee Structure

Rate Changes to Residential
Stormwater Utility Fee

Exempt Properties

Examples of exempt properties are:
  • Agricultural property, if less than 10% impervious area
  • Any property that has zero stormwater discharge to the City’s stormwater system.
  • Public parks and greenway, if less than 50% impervious area
  • Railroad tracks (Railroad buildings / maintenance facilities will be billed)
  • TDOT and COA public right-of-ways
  • Undeveloped properties with less than 500 square feet of impervious area

Commercial Fee Information & Credits

Stormwater credits are only available to Commercial Units.

Public Works and Engineering has developed a system of credit adjustments or reductions to the monthly stormwater utility fee for commercial units with the intent to encourage sound technical design practices through specific and approved actions which reduce the negative impact of development on the City’s stormwater system. Detailed information concerning stormwater credits is available in the City of Alcoa Stormwater Utility Manual (PDF).

Credit Summary

  • Quantity Credits - Up to 25%
  • Quality Credits - Up to 50%
  • TN Multi-Sector Permit - 10%
  • Education Credits - Up to 25%
  • Industrial National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit - 50%
  • Direct Discharge Credit - Up to 25%
There is a maximum total credit of 75% for all Commercial Unit classifications.