Our Staff

The City Management staff oversees the financial and fiscal affairs of the City, and is responsible for reporting the state of the City to the Board of Commissioners.

City Manager

The City Manager, a professional city manager hired by the Board of Commissioners, manages and directs the day-to-day operation of the City government, administers the budget, and oversees all City employees. The City Manager supervises the daily operations of the City’s eight departments through the departmental directors who report directly to and are appointed by him. He works to resolve citizen issues; advises on and implements the policies of the Board of Commissioners; recommends annual operating and long-range capital budgets with the assistance of the City staff; and serves as a liaison with the State government, the Industrial Development Board and other related agencies. He ensures the efficient operation of municipal services and that the annual operating budgets totaling $1.8 million are managed in a manner that achieves the goals and objectives of the Board of Commissioners.

Deputy City Manager

The Deputy City Manager works in conjunction with the City Manager in the management of the daily operations of the City. From time to time, the Deputy Manager works with all city departments on a special project basis. The Deputy Manager will stand in for the manager in situations where the manager is otherwise absence or engaged in other city business. The primary responsibility of the Deputy Manager is the strategic and tactical delivery of economic development polices which provide revenue enhancement opportunities for the city. The Deputy Manager proposes policy guidelines directing the planning, development and recruitment of economic and industrial growth. The Deputy City Manager serves as the liaison to several regional and state agencies involved in stimulating economic development activities.

The Deputy City Manager works closely with the Manager in analyzing state legislative initiatives impacting cities and recommending options to the City Commission. The Deputy City Manager is the liaison to the city’s international Sister City program.

The Deputy City Manager's office supervises the City’s planning and codes functions, the public relations and marketing activities and the purchasing, fleet management and warehousing operations.

City Attorney

The City Attorney is appointed by the City Manager and ratified by the Mayor and Board of Commissioners. Currently, the City Attorney is not a full time employee of the City of Alcoa. The City attorney advises the City Manager and all department heads on legal issues relative to the operations of the City, the construction of ordinances and questions of legal interpretation. The City attorney attends all meetings of the Mayor and Board of Commissioners. The City Attorney serves at the pleasure of the City Manager.

City Judge

The City Judge has jurisdiction over and operates the Municipal Court. Subject to the laws of Tennessee, the City Judge hears cases, makes rulings, and assigns penalties and fines in a manner consistent with the laws regulating such actions. The City Judge serves at the pleasure of the City Manager.

Public Information Officer & Special Projects Coordinator

The Public Information Officer and Special Projects Coordinator manages the flow of City-related information to the media, acts as a City liaison to external community groups, and assists with the coordination of internal and external special programs and events.