Electronics Recycling

The City of Alcoa will accept household electronics from residents for recycling at the Alcoa Service Center and the Alcoa/Maryville/Blount County Landfill. The Service Center is available for residents of the City of Alcoa while any Blount County resident may take their electronics recyclables to the Landfill.

Accepted materials include:

  • Desktop Computers (No Monitors)
  • Laptops
  • Cables, Wiring, & Switches
  • Modems, Controllers, CD Roms
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Medical Equipment
  • TV Equipment – no TVs

Microwave ovens cannot be recycled. Any questions regarding this program may be directed to the Service Center staff at 865-380-4800 or Landfill staff at 865-995-2892.

  1. Landfill Services

    Physical Address
    Alcoa/Maryville/Blount County Sanitary Landfill
    240 Long Powers Road
    Friendsville, TN 37737

    Fax: 865-995-2959