Burn Permits

Open burning is permitted inside the City by permit only. Only wood products may be burned. Permits are not issued for leaf or household trash burning. The City's Public Works Department conducts regular leaf and trash pickups.

All controlled burns require someone to be at the site until the fire is extinguished and to have proper fire suppression equipment at the site such as a water hose.

Safety Measures & Responsibility

Before burning, take proper safety measures such as placing materials to be burned well away from any structures or power lines. Any damage to neighbors or adjacent property owners which is the result of open burning on your property is the responsibility of the property owner conducting the burn.

Permit Termination

All burning permits are subject to be terminated and the fire extinguished if any complaints are received from neighbors or adjacent property owners.

Request a Burn Permit

To request a burning permit call 865-981-4142. The Alcoa Fire Department will come to your site and inspect the contents prior to any burning or issuing a permit.