The City of Alcoa Water System

  • Four current and five past employees have received the Tennessee Water and Wastewater Association M.L. Brickey Award for Distinguished Service in the Water Utility Field.
  • Has expanded well beyond the City’s boundaries with over 10,000 water meters representing an estimated 24,300 people. Also served are the ALCOA Inc., TN Operations (3 MGD), and Tuckaleechee Utility District (1 MGD). A connection exists with the City of Maryville and Knox Chapman Utility District for supply of water to them on an as needed basis. Average water sold is 8 to 10 MGD.
  • Operation of the Alcoa Water System is a 24-hour per day operation, 7 days per week. Water Treatment Plant (WTP) employees dispatch after-hours emergency calls for all Public Works functions.

Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

  • At one time, more water was pumped to Alcoa, Inc. in one day than the City of Maryville used in one day.
  • Chlorine is used for disinfection.
  • Liquid aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) is used as a coagulant.
  • Peak production in the 1980’s was more that 16 MGD.
  • Sodium hydroxide added for pH adjustment.
  • Water is fluoridated prior to pumping into the distribution system.
  • The WTP has an annual operating budget of about $2,000,000 and is the fifth largest in the state in water treatment.
  • The WTP is staffed by nine operators and assistants with a maintenance staff of four. Eight of the staff hold a State of Tennessee Water Treatment Certification License in either Grade III or Grade IV (Grade IV is the highest attainable). These licensed operators have a combined 117 years of water treatment experience.

Water Transmissions & Distribution System

  • Staffed by 19 employees having a combined 294 years of service with the City.
    • Seven of the employees carry State Certifications as Grade II Water Distribution and/or Grade II Wastewater Collection operators
    • These employees are also responsible for operation and maintenance of the City’s wastewater collection system, serving over 6,000 homes and businesses.
  • Over 246 miles of water distribution and transmission mains ranging in size from 2-inch to 30-inch diameter.
  • Water system storage includes:
    • Two Overlook Reservoirs (combined 12 million gallons)
    • 150,000 gallon Overlook standpipe
    • 300,000 gallon Lakemont No. 1 standpipe
    • 1,000,000 gallon Lakemont No. 2 standpipe
    • 1,500,000 gallon Wildwood elevated tank
  • Three booster pump stations:
    • Overlook
    • Wildwood
    • Regal Drive