Power Outages

Alcoa Electric wants to provide quality reliable electric service to our customers, but if you ever have a power outage, the following information will help you and your employees respond. To view current outages, use our Online Power Outage Map or via your smart phone using the PowerPal app.

If Your Company or Residence is Without Electric Service

Check if neighboring businesses or residences are without power. If your company or home is the only place without power, the problem is probably in your facility. Check your main electrical panel to make certain circuit breakers are on or that fuses are good. If the problem is not yours, or if others are involved, call Alcoa Electric at 865-380-4890. We are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For faster response use the automated reporting system whenever possible. Following the prompts during both business and non-business hours. Do not call 911, a line reserved for police, fire and medical emergencies.  

Report the Outage

You can report an outage via this "Report Power Outage" link or by calling 865-380-4890 to report by phone. In order for us to keep our files current and locate the problem, we will ask for your address and telephone number. If you know the cause of the outage, please describe it (i.e., a limb on the line, a car hit a pole, loud pop from transformer, etc.). Your help will save a great deal of time in restoring service. Outages may also be reported by users of the smart phone PowerPal app.

Once you report an outage, please give Alcoa Electric time to respond and repair the damage. The cause of the outage may be miles from your site, and thus you may not see Alcoa Electric vehicles in your area. Be assured that repairs will be made as quickly as possible; however, if your power is still off after it has been restored to other facilities in your neighborhood, do not hesitate to call again.

Be Prepared for an Outage

We try to provide uninterrupted service to all our customers, especially those with critical needs. However, even the most reliable power service can be interrupted occasionally. Outages that are not planned are often caused by Mother Nature through ice, snow, wind, rain or lightning. Accidents also happen: cars run into power poles, underground cables are damaged by construction crews, and wires are downed by someone carelessly and dangerously cutting down trees or trimming branches near the power lines. Sometimes there are equipment failures, and even animals or birds can disrupt electrical service.

In order to respond to any interruption of service, a plan of action for an outage will help your facility maintain organization and keep you prepared for the restoration of power. We recommend the following points be included in your facilities plan.

Designate Personnel for Reporting Outages

  • Post emergency numbers to call

Maintain Emergency Preparedness Items

  • Emergency lighting system
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Spare fuses

During an Outage

During an outage, turn off all electrical equipment especially heat pumps, air conditioners, motors, fans, heaters, furnaces, and other electrical equipment. Prepare all equipment for an initial start up. Clear all parts from machinery and verify that all equipment guards are in their proper position for starting.

If your facility has a standby power source, utilize proper transfer switches for connecting your emergency power source to the respective equipment. Make sure all personnel are aware of the fact that certain equipment may be energized during an outage. Verify that proper voltage levels are supplied to equipment powered by standby power sources. Allow only authorized personnel to open and close transfer switches at appropriate times.


If you use a standby power source to provide electricity for your facility, you could injure or kill a utility worker who is working on the line if your equipment is not installed properly. Contact Alcoa Electric for assistance in installing and operating standby power sources.

If your facility has refrigeration equipment, keep the doors to this equipment closed during the outage. As a general rule, perishables will keep for up to 48 hours in a freezer. Blankets, tarps, etc., used as insulation and weather conditions may affect the length of time items can remain in this equipment.

Make sure everyone in your facility knows what to do in the event of a power outage. Teach them the procedures to be used in shutting off equipment, whether to remain at their work station or to assemble in a central area, and how to restart equipment when power is restored. Provide adequate emergency lighting during the outage.

Safety First

Stay away from downed lines and broken utility poles. Do not attempt to remove trees or limbs from lines. Notify us immediately of downed lines or broken poles and prevent others from coming into contact with them. Even lines that look harmless can be very dangerous. Make sure all personnel understand the dangers associated with downed power lines.