What happens to the wood and brush after trimming?

If we are trimming and removing during routine maintenance, we will chip everything that can go through our chipper if it is in a maintained area. Brush resulting from tree trimming may not always be picked up immediately. Residents should allow 7 days for clean up, after which a call may be made to the electric department at 380-4890. However, large wood (greater than 6” diameter at breast height) in a maintained area will be cut into manageable size pieces and left as close to the stump as feasible. Property Owners can call into the City of Alcoa Electric Department and request large wood to be left in longer lengths than manageable size pieces. If trees are removed and brush is cut in an unmaintained area, the aforementioned will be chopped up and/or placed to lie flat with the terrain.  Vegetation in an unmaintained area will not be chipped or hauled off. The City of Alcoa Electric Department will not chip, haul or remove brush, debris or trees that have fallen due to natural causes or have to be cut for storm restoration purposes by City of Alcoa Electric Department employees or by employees from our contracted tree companies. Our primary responsibility, during a restoration event, is to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

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