What method do you use to trim trees?
When we can, AED uses lateral trimming methods, which entail removing limbs at natural detachment points (laterals) or to the parent branch to help facilitate healing around the pruning site and strengthen branches. We also use directional pruning that redirects the growth of the tree away from the power line, minimizing re-sprouting or re-growth. Lateral pruning does not harm the tree’s natural defense systems, protecting the tree from decay.

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1. How often does the Alcoa Electric Department trim and/or remove trees?
2. What trees will the Alcoa Electric Department Trim?
3. How much of my trees will be trimmed?
4. What method do you use to trim trees?
5. Will you leave me with an unshapely tree?
6. Who will actually trim my trees?
7. What happens to the wood and brush after trimming?
8. Does the Alcoa Electric Department have a legal right-of-way to come on to my property and trim my trees?