How much of my trees will be trimmed?

Primary Distribution lines will be trimmed to a minimum clearance of 10 feet from closest conductor. Limbs may be trimmed further from the lines to comply with lateral trimming methods. Limbs overhanging lines will be trimmed as high as possible. We will make every effort to eliminate weak, diseased and dead limbs above the wires that may fall or blow into the wires. See link below for standard clearances.

City of Alcoa Trimming Clearances

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1. How often does the Alcoa Electric Department trim and/or remove trees?
2. What trees will the Alcoa Electric Department Trim?
3. How much of my trees will be trimmed?
4. What method do you use to trim trees?
5. Will you leave me with an unshapely tree?
6. Who will actually trim my trees?
7. What happens to the wood and brush after trimming?
8. Does the Alcoa Electric Department have a legal right-of-way to come on to my property and trim my trees?