How did you come up with the fee?
Aerial photo studies by the Public Works and Engineering Department determined the average area of impervious surface for residences in Alcoa. This average, or Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU), equals 2,696 square feet for the City of Alcoa. Based on this data, Residential Units must pay a flat fee of $3 per month, and Commercial Units must pay $4 per ERU per month.

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1. Why do I have to pay a Stormwater Fee?
2. Where will the stormwater funds go?
3. How did you come up with the fee?
4. Does everybody in the City of Alcoa have to pay the Stormwater Fee?
5. Will Stormwater Fees be discounted?
6. If it doesn’t rain, do I still have to pay the Stormwater Fee?
7. Can I get my utilities cut off if I don’t pay the Stormwater Fee?
8. Can you add my street to the list of problem stormwater and/or flood areas?
9. What about vacant property and public property like schools and parks?