Bank Draft Program

With the City of Alcoa’s Bank Draft Program you will never write a check or stamp an envelope to pay your utility bill again. Just sign up for Bank Draft, and let your bank take care of it with an easy-to-handle bill payment draft.

Here’s How It Works

Fill out our Bank Draft Form (PDF) to have a draft from your checking or savings account for payment to the City of Alcoa each month. We notify the bank of the amount of your bill, and your bank pays it on date the bill is due. Should your due date fall on a weekend or a holiday, your payment will draft the next business day. The bank lists this draft payment on your monthly statement, so you can keep your bank accounting records straight. No late payments - the Bank Draft Program will provide you with the assurance that your monthly payment is made on time.

We will continue to send your bill to you each month as usual.

How to Enroll

To enroll in the Bank Draft Program, just follow these steps:
  • You must have at least 6 months of on time payments before approval for this program.
  • Complete and sign the Bank Draft Form (PDF).
  • Enclose a Voided Check of the Bank Account to be drafted.
  • Mail or bring in the form and voided check to the City of Alcoa. We must receive this form 30 days prior to your next bill due date.
  • Your bill, paid by the Bank Draft Program, will state "Paid By Bank Draft." This will appear in two places on your bill.
  • If, after trying the Bank Draft Program, you are not satisfied, a signature is required and you many drop the Bank Draft payment option (See Important Information section, below).
  • If you need additional help or information about the program, please give us a call at 865-380-4700.

Important Program Information

  • After you have applied for the Bank Draft Program there will be a waiting period of up to 30 days for your checking account number to be approved. After approval you will be ready to start the Bank Draft Program. If a billing occurs during this 30-day period, you will need to pay this bill. When you are actually on the Bank Draft Program, your bill will show amount and date of deduction from your bank account.
  • Should a debit to your bank account be rejected because of insufficient funds, you will no longer be eligible to participate in the Bank Draft Program until six months of good payment history is established. You will be charged a $20 service fee for each rejected debit.
  • If you change financial organizations or change bank account numbers, it is your responsibility to inform the City of Alcoa of this change before the next debit occurs. When making this change the 30-day waiting period is in effect. If notification was not given and the debit is rejected, this would result in a $20 service fee.
  • Should you wish to terminate the Bank Draft Program, the City of Alcoa and their financial organization must receive written notification from the customer 15 days prior to termination date.