Boards & Committees A-B

  1. Alcoa Board of Commissioners

    The Board of Commissioners is the legislative and policy-making body of the City. Learn more about your Commissioners and their responsibilities.

  2. Alcoa City Schools Board of Education

    The Alcoa City Schools Board of Education is an elected five-member board that has legal authority over the operation of all public schools in the district within the framework established by the state legislature and the Tennessee Department of Education.

  3. Alcoa Public Building Authority

    The Alcoa Public Building Authority provides for the controlled development of the City, and in particular with respect to the effective and efficient design, development, construction, operation and maintenance of projects to be constructed within the City or its incorporate limits.

  4. Alcoa Regional / Municipal Planning Commission

    The Alcoa Regional/Municipal Planning Commission reviews and approves site and concept plans for the development and/or re-development of commercial, office, industrial and planned sites, as well as all minor and major subdivision plats.

  5. Beer Board

    The Beer Board regulates beer permits in the City of Alcoa, and establishes policy and procedure for the issuance of permits to sell beer and to compel enforcement of the City Code by means of inspectors.

  6. Board of Zoning Appeals

    The Board of Zoning Appeals shall have the following powers: Administrative Review, Special Exceptions, and Variance.