Education & Tips

  1. Electric Safety Tips

    It's easy to practice electrical safety. Remember that electricity always takes the shortest way to the ground. It will go through wire, metal, wet objects...or you. It's invisible, but very real, so treat it with respect.

  2. Energy Saving Tips

    Your Alcoa Electric Department electric rates are among the lowest in the entire country. Still, you can lower your power bills throughout the year with simple conservation steps.

  3. Installing a Generator

    Despite our best efforts to keep your electricity on year-round, inclement weather and other emergencies can arise that could disrupt your power service. In the unlikely event of an outage, a portable or permanently installed emergency power generator can provide electric service until your regular service is restored.

  4. Kids Safety Corner

    This page will help kids learn how to play it safe when it comes to electricity, and let them explore the history of electricity.