Electrical Permits

Alcoa Electric will install electric service only after a satisfactory inspection has been performed by an authorized representative of the Department of Commerce and Insurance, State of Tennessee. Alcoa Electric serves the entire City plus additional areas outside of the City in Blount County.

Application for such electrical inspections may be made at the City of Alcoa Municipal Building. However, such inspections or failure to inspect or reject shall not render the City of Alcoa liable or responsible for any loss incurred or for property damages resulting from defects in the installation, wiring, or appliances, or from violation of Alcoa or other government rules, or from accidents which may occur upon customer’s premises.

How to Obtain an Electrical Permit from the City

You must be a licensed electrician with proof of license card to purchase an electrical permit.  If you are a homeowner and reside on the property, you may purchase one permit a year for work you have done yourself. If you do not know the service size or type of inspection you need for your project, please call Tennessee State Electrical Inspector Blake Henegar at 865-661-5164. Once you determine the necessary permits you need to purchase, you must come to the City of Alcoa Municipal Building Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to obtain your permit.

Permit Fees

Type of Inspection
Permit Fee
Service Release
Based on service size - see below
Based on service size - see below
Based on service size - see below

Fees Based on Size of Service

Current pricing for electrical permits is subject to change as directed by the State of Tennessee. Each service address must have a separate permit.
Size of Service
Permit Fee        
0 - 200 amp service $35
201 - 400 amp service $40
401 - 600 amp service $50
601 - 1000 amp service


Only checks or money orders made payable to the Department of Insurance are acceptable forms of payment for permits.


When you are ready for an inspection, please contact the State Electrical Inspector:

Blake Henegar
Tennessee State Electrical Inspector
Phone: 865-661-5164
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Important Note

If you do not know the service size or type of inspection you need for your project, please call Blake Henegar at 865-661-5164. It is your responsibility to contact Mr. Henegar, the Tennessee State Electrical Inspector, to ensure that you purchase the correct permit for your project; it is not the responsibility of the customer service representative to do so.