Alcoa has a city manager form of government with an elected board of five commissioners that serve four-year terms. A mayor and vice-mayor are chosen from among the commissioners. The city manager is appointed by the board of commissioners and is in charge of the everyday operations and management of the City.

The City has nine departments that serve its citizens: Administration, Economic Development, Finance, Police, Fire, Public Works, Electric, Planning and Codes, and Human Resources.
  1. Economic Development

    Gather important information about the services provided by the Economic Development Department of the City of Alcoa.

  2. Electric

    Each day, the Alcoa Electric Department (AED) strives to deliver dependable, uninterrupted electrical service to over 28,500 Blount County customers.

  3. Finance

    The Finance Department of Alcoa strives to provide efficient, courteous, and accurate service to the city in the performance of all of it's duties, from collecting city taxes to issuing business licenses and more.

  4. Fire

    The mission of the city of Alcoa Fire Department is to serve the community by protecting life, property and the environment from the hazards and dangers of fires, medical emergencies and manmade or natural disasters through prevention, education and timely incident response.

  5. Human Resources

    The mission of the Human Resource Department is to provide information and support in the areas of training, compensation, benefits, and compliance with all local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations for active and retired City of Alcoa employees.

  6. Planning & Codes

    Through sensible planning, codes enforcement, excellent services and public and private partnerships, the City of Alcoa continues to grow into a sustainable community in which current and future residents, business owners and visiting individuals can live, work and play.

  7. Police

    The mission of the Alcoa Police Department is to work in partnership with our community to make a positive difference to improve the quality of life, reduce crime and provide a sense of safety and security in which to live, work and visit in the City of Alcoa.

  8. Public Works & Engineering

    The Alcoa Public Works and Engineering Department is a team of professionals dedicated to serving the citizens and utility customers of Alcoa.